Lastelaager Leedus

Lastelaager Leedus Trakais 29.06.-03.07.2011.
Oodatud hemofiiliahaiged poisid vanuses 9-15 aastat.
Osalemine ja transport tasuta.
Registreerimine hiljemalt 01.06.2011

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Camp “Barsukas 2011”

Camp location
Camp Barsukas is organized for he second time, this year it will take place in Trakai ( in a resort „Kempingas slėnyje“ ( complex is located near duke Tiškevičius manor ( Kids will visit Trakai castles, learn about Lithuanian medieval history (, Lithuanian ancient traditions, aboriginal Tatar community history. They will feel the spirit of national history. Campers will live in houses, all meals will be served in a nearby cafeteria.

Who can participate
Camp „Barsukas 2011“ is open for kids from hemophilia community, from 9 to 17 years.
Please do not hesitate and register, but \if you will eventually won’t be able to attend – please inform us as soon as possible. We will provide a registration form, which we will expect to be returned as an email. If you have no internet connection please contact the organizers by the mobile phone specified on the last page.

Camp „Barsukas“ philosophy
Our camp is held adjusted to the needs of kids with hemophilia, trying to provide an opportunity to enjoy camping, sports, fishing, swimming and other summer joys in a safe environment according to individual needs. All kids have hemophilia, it is easy to fit in! Our camp strives to encourage self independence and to build a warm society.

Allocating to the houses
Campers are grouped according to age and allocated to the houses. Each house has a staff member, grown-up, who stays with the children 24/24 and helps to be on time to all activities.

Camper behaviour
All events that we organize are adventurous, informative and enjoyed the most when everybody is participating. We encourage all campers to get involved and the only valid excuse not to participate is a health problem. Our camp cherishes friendship, respect and understanding. Our camp will not accept kids, who won’t be able to respect the camp rules. All behaviour problems will be discussed with parents.

Camp staff
Staff consists of grown-up hemophiliacs and other activity leaders. A nurse will be present on camp grounds during the whole stay.

Camp fee
There are no fees for participants. Camp expenses are 100% covered.

Food is prepared and served 4 times per day. If you plan to participate and you have special diet please mention it when registering.

First aid
During the whole stay a nurse will be present to administer clotting factor and to provide first aid. We will have a stock of typical medicine, bandages, paracetamol, etc. If you are not sure if we’ll have some medicine you need and use – please bring it with you and inform the organizers.

Clotting factor
Camper has to bring enough clotting factor for the whole stay in camp. If you are using clotting factor on a prophylactic schedule, please bring enough for the regime and 2 additional dozes, provide the injection schedule and dosage during registration. Some activities will only be available if the clotting factor is administered.

Typical day in the camp
After getting up everybody tidies up their beds and gather to eat breakfast. After breakfast first activities take place. It might be an excursion to Trakai castle, Lithuanian traditional games, activities associated to medieval history or other. Afterwards everybody gathers for lunch. When lunch is over we rest a bit and gather for an activity teaching something about hemophilia. Evening starts with supper and ends with an evening event. Then everybody goes to sleep, to rest and be fresh for the next day.
If a camper has an injury medical personnel will assess the situation, administer clotting factor and decide what actions should be carried out. If the injury is serious camper will be immediately escorted to Santariškių university hospital, which is 36km away. Parents informed as soon as possible.

What we suggest to bring
2-3 shorts
2-3 trousers
5 underwear
5 pairs of socks
3 t-shirts
long sleeved t-shirt
bathing shorts
For personal hygiene:
toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and shampoo, comb, sunscreen.
Optionally you might want to bring:

What you shouldn’t bring
Money (you won’t need any in the camp, if you’ll need something specific – ask staff)
Valuables (watches, jewelery, electronics)
Food (if the ration is too small – inform the organizers and this will be fixed)
Cigarettes or alcohol

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