The Estonian Hemophilia Society was founded on November 7, 1992 in Tartu.
The association is a voluntary non-profit pan-Estonian association of people with hemophilia and other blood clotting disorders and their family members.
The activities of the association are based on self-initiative, members' self-government, joint activities and cooperation with the World Federation of Haemophilia and European Haemophilia Consortium.
The association is the legal successor of the Estonian Hemophilia Association registered in Tartu.

In the early years, the main task was to transmit information about hemophilia, because both patients and doctors had little knowledge, and there were also no coagulation factor concentrates. Now the situation has changed. Now you can talk about many things not only theoretically, but also practically implement them. Advances in the treatment of hemophiliacs are closely related to the development of the association.


The membership of the society consists of:

  • founding members
  • executive members
  • supporting members
  • honorary members

Active members of the association are hemophiliacs and people with other blood coagulation disorders, their family members.
All other people interested in the association's activities can be supporting members.

At the moment, the association has 70 members (2023 data).


  1. Solving hemophilia treatment and rehabilitation problems to improve the quality of life of hemophilia patients
  2. Promote hemophilia awareness among the association's membership
  3. To inform the general public about hemophilia patients and their problems, in order to achieve social understanding
  4. Collect and disseminate information about the disease
  5. Communication of information to society, the newly diagnosed patient and his parents
  6. Cooperate with other organizations abroad
  7. If possible, develop publishing activities
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