Summer seminar 2024

You are invited with your whole family to the summer seminar 05.08-08.08.2024 at Võru Kubija hotel-nature spa, Võru.

Participation fee:
Adult with a bleeding disorder - 15€
Children with a bleeding disorder - 6€
And other children - 9€
Family members - 19€
Child up to 3 years free
The whole family can participate!
Membership fee €4 per year (decision of the general meeting in April 2019)
Only those who have paid the membership fee can participate!

To register, make a transfer to the Eesti Hemofiiliaühing a/a EE691010152001611006 AS SEB Pank
Be sure to indicate in the explanation the names, ages of the participants and for whom the membership fee has been paid. Please let us know that you and your family are coming via e-mail

Participation in seminars is mandatory!

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